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The Cheoah River is open for adventure.

Cheoah River Whitewater Rafting

North Carolina's Cheoah River is chaulk full of Class IV and Class IV+ rapids with vegetation that requires some skill to navigate.

The Cheoha River whitewater run is 9 miles of overly-continuous drop in a rather steep grade, with only a couple of half-mile relatively calm stretches.

When the river is running at high levels, you can catch some great wave trains, enjoy plenty of classic drops, blind horizon lines and more than a few big holes.

The Cheoah River rafting is broken into 3 sections, a narrow upper section, an open middle section, then a 2 mile lower section dropping over 250 ft.

There's nothing in the southeast more difficult, longer nor steeper than the Cheoah River. The Cheoah is soon to be a classic in the whitewater rafting world.

Remember, Cheoah River rafting is NOT for the ameteur boater! You must be at least 16 years old AND have previous paddling experience!

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Cheoah River Rafting Trip Schedule


Saturday, July 8
Sunday, July,9


Saturday, September 9


Saturday, November 4

Cheoah River trips leave at 11:00AM EST.

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