Outland Expeditions

Conquering Nature at 55+

In older age, people often have a harder time finding outdoor activities that they can enjoy. Movement and mobility have many benefits to the human body, so it’s important for people of all ages to take part in outdoor activities to improve and maintain their health.


Fishing is one of the best activities for seniors. Not only does it allow them to spend some time outdoors, it also gives them an opportunity to potentially walk away with something for dinner. Fishing also allows seniors to spend time with family and friends. With great fishing spots around the country, it is easy to find that perfect fishing spot. Having great company during these fishing trips is important.


Walking around leisurely can be very helpful. In addition to being a type of exercise, walking around the neighborhood or in the park may enable senior citizens to make new friends, take note of changes in the neighborhood, and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air. Having great company while strolling is recommended as it prevents the short daily walks from becoming monotonous.


Gardening is a popular hobby for people of all ages. Planting vegetables and flowers in the yard and looking after them can be a lot of fun. At the same time, getting all the vegetables and fresh cut flowers from your own garden can be fulfilling. The size of the garden, however, should be reasonable. After all, gardening for seniors should be more of a hobby than a duty. If the garden is large, some assistance should be provided.


Golf may be a professional sport, but it is also a favorite pastime for many. The concentration, skill and patience needed to play this game is immense, and seniors will appreciate the challenge. Other light sports for seniors include lawn bowling and swimming.

Metal Detecting

A great way for seniors to spend some time outdoors is through metal detecting. Hunting for metallic objects can be both fun and rewarding at the same time. The best place to do metal detecting is at the beach, but it can also be done at the park or the back yard. A metal detector can be used to hunt for coins, scrap metal and any other type of metallic object.

Nature Photography

It’s wonderful to see and hear birds singing, and it can be fun to capture these events on camera. Nature photography is great not just for nature lovers, but also for seniors. It’s not just birds and wildlife that can be captured on film; roaring ocean tides, the stars, sunrise and sunsets are beautiful spectacles that lend themselves to photography. All that is needed is a decent camera.


Having meals in the outdoors can be an enjoyable experience. Of course, this outdoor activity can be combined with any of the other activities in this list. The key to success with this outdoor activity lies in choosing a suitable spot and enjoying different locations. Going to the same bench at the park can become boring after a while, so hiking up a hill to have a picnic with a view of the city below (for example) can be worth the effort!

Yard Games

There are many games that can be played in the yard including: Frisbee target toss, Darts, Volleyball, Badminton, and Horseshoes.

Garden Parties

Hosting an outdoor party can give seniors a great excuse to go outdoors. This can be a daytime event that includes grandchildren and kids, or evening parties.

Boat Rides

The fresh air is really appreciated while on the water. Boat rides on a lake or an ocean can provide a senior with a chance to have some fun outdoors, or just a relaxing experience.

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