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Things to Do After Rafting … High Point Climbing

High Point Climbing in downtown Chattanooga

A quick 30-minute drive from the Outland Expeditions Outpost is High Point Climbing, the perfect recreational activity for those still seeking adventure after rafting class III and IV rapids on the Ocoee River. Located in downtown Chattanooga, High Point Climbing boasts a state-of-the-art climbing facility that can accommodate all ages and skill sets, as well as groups as small as single excursions and as large as corporate functions. If you’ve never climbed before, the easiest way to begin rock climbing is with an auto-belay, with an orientation and supervision from the staff you can climb on their 20 auto-belays. You should also take the Explore Climbing Class provided by the Climbing School. This class will help you achieve the most amount of fun from your visit. Because auto-belays allow you to climb without a belay partner, they recommend you take a class to maximize your experience and schedule ahead of time to have a staff belay.

Climbing Options

High Point Climbing offers different types of climbing styles, such as lead and top roping. Lead climbing is a style in climbing where a climber attaches themselves to a dynamic (elastic) climbing rope and ascends a route while clipping into quickdraws every four feet and at the top the climber clips the anchors. The lead climber must have another person acting as a belayer. The belayer has multiple roles, such as breaking the rope in the event of a fall. Top Roping is a style in climbing in which a rope, used for the climber’s safety, runs from a belayer at the bottom of a route through the belay bar or anchors at the top of the route and back down to the climber, attaching to the climber by means of a harness. All belayers must belay directly off their harness.

What to Wear/Bring

The best thing to wear is something comfortable you can move around in. Sweatpants or shorts work well. All climbers are required to wear climbing shoes while climbing anywhere in the facility. If you don’t own your own climbing shoes, you can rent them at the HPC front desk. If you’re part of a group and not up for climbing, consider visiting the HPC website to check out the different yoga classes offered by their staff. This should be the perfect way to end a fun and active day!


*Gear for rent ($2-$5)
*Admission- $16 (adults), $14 (kids)
*Kids climbing area
*Memberships available
*Waiver must be signed
*Outdoor climbing wall
*Yoga and climbing school offered
*Additional Chattanooga location at Riverside
*Open daily

Click here for more information on High Point Climbing

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