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Things to Do After Rafting … Tennessee Aquarium

What to do after rafting the Ocoee River with Outland Expeditions: Visit the Tennessee Aquarium.

River Journey

The River Journey exhibit sets the stage for a fascinating adventure tracing the path of freshwater from the mountains to the sea, keeping in mind that 25% of North America’s freshwater species live in our region. You’ll meet feisty otters, colorful trout, alligators, giant catfish, tons of turtles and more freshwater animals from this global biodiversity hotspot.

Saltwater Habitats

Once you complete this expedition, become immersed in saltwater habitats as you explore the second building, Ocean Journey. You’ll be surrounded by playful penguins, touchable stingrays, beautiful butterflies, and a spectacular coral reef with big sharks and schools of fish.


Plan to enjoy at least two hours during your Aquarium visit; though, you can even take a break. Your Aquarium admission is good for both buildings the date of purchase. Download the free Tennessee Aquarium app from the iTunes Store or Google Play to maximize your adventure. Use the app to plan your visit, check IMAX showtimes and to see the complete schedule of more than two dozen animal programs offered free with Aquarium admission each day.

We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about why we care so much about our rivers. The Aquarium has a mantra: Everyday, we impact water, and water impacts us.

Conservation Work

Outland Expeditions proudly supports the conservation work of the Tennessee Aquarium. The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) furthers the Aquarium’s impact by conducting scientific studies, restoring our region’s natural ecosystems and educating members of the public to take conservation action. With the construction of a riverfront facility for scientific research, the Aquarium is growing its capacity to actively protect the health of our water and the amazingly diverse animals in our region. With an impact such as this, we cannot help but to recommend you pay them a visit.

Downtown Chattanooga

Make sure you allow plenty of time to explore downtown Chattanooga, where you’ll discover outstanding restaurants, eclectic shops, hotels, an arts district, parks and world-class museums within a few blocks of the Aquarium. From freshwater to saltwater, the Tennessee Aquarium has something for guests of all ages and interests.


  • Ocean-life and river-life exhibits
  • Admission- $29.95 (adults), $18.95 (kids)
  • Butterfly garden
  • VIP options
  • IMAX and River Gorge discount packages available
  • Handicap accessible
  • Open daily from 10-6

Click here for more information on the Tennessee Aquarium

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