Outland Expeditions

Guide Your Group To Success

Whitewater Rafting Group Leader's Checklist

The more organized you are now, the more fun your group will have when they get to Outland Expeditions. To help you put together a great trip we have a few suggestions.

Have a Group Planning Meeting
  • What activities would your group like to participate in?
  • What date will best accommodate your group members?
  • Write down any questions group members have.
Contact Outland Expeditions
  • Make your reservations as soon as possible.
  • Get the answers to group members’ questions.
  • Print copies of What to Bring and Release Forms so everyone has their own.
Send a Reminder to Group Members
  • Departure to Outland (date and time)
  • Activity Schedule
  • Food & Lodging
  • Departure to Home (date and time)
  • What to Bring
  • Release Forms
  • Other Special Information
Have a Group Follow-up Meeting

(Prior to the cancellation/reschedule cut off date which is seven days prior to reservation.)

  • Gather all the Release Forms
  • Review the planned Activity Schedule
  • Finalize Food & Lodging Arrangements
  • Write down any additional questions
Contact Outland Expeditions
  • Confirm groups reservations (don’t forget lunches) and accommodations
  • Confirm receipt of the reservation deposit
  • Get answers to any additional questions