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The best Ocoee River rafting trips start here.

Whether it's your first time rafting the Ocoee River, or you're a seasoned paddler, Ocoee River rafting is something you'll never forget...

2016 Ocoee River rafting trip
2016 Guided Ocoee River rafting with Outland Expeditions

The Ocoee River has two sections available for whitewater rafting... the upper or olympic section and the middle or traditional section. You can raft each section in a half-day or combine them for a full day of Ocoee River whitewater goodness.

Classic Ocoee River Trips

Ocoee River's middle section offers 5.5 thrilling miles of near continuous Class III and Class IV rapids. This is our most popular trip for larger groups. learn more

Upper Ocoee River Trips

The upper section of Ocoee River includes the 1996 Whitewater Olympics course. This 5-mile paddle includes 10 consecutive Class III and Class IV rapids. learn more

Full Day Ocoee River Trips (lunch included)

Combine the upper and middle Ocoee River sections for 6 hours on the water and more than 20 rapids. This all-day rafting adventure includes a riverside lunch. learn more

Ocoee Summer Camps

For family and friends, whitewater rafting the Ocoee River is just downright fun. For youth groups, scout troops and even some business teams, it's an amazing team-building activity. If you'd like to plan a summer camp for your group, let us know! We can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests. learn more

Church youth group rafting the ocoee with Outland Expeditions
Church youth group at Outland Expeditions summer camp

Outland Expeditions is a family-owned and family-friendly Ocoee River outfitter in Cleveland, Tennessee. We've been guiding whitewater rafting trips on the world-famous Ocoee River for more than 35 years.


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