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Classic Ocoee River Rafting Trip
Ocoee River Rafting - Classic Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Trip Guided by Outland Expeditions

Ocoee River Rafting. The best trips start here.

Whether it's your first time rafting the Ocoee River, or you're a seasoned paddler, Ocoee River rafting is something you will never forget!

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Tennessee, Ocoee River is one of the Top Ten Whitewater Rivers in the United States. Two sections of the Ocoee River offer whitewater rafting, the Upper or Olympic section and the Middle or Traditional section. Each section takes about half the day to paddle. If you're looking for a full day of adventure, check out our Full Day combo trip!

Classic Ocoee Rafting Trips

Our most popular trip is the Classic Ocoee which covers Ocoee River's middle section. This trip offers 5.5 thrilling miles of near continuous Class III and Class IV rapids. Enjoy the excitement of Ocoee rapids and the beauty of Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest.

Upper Ocoee Rafting Trips (Olympic Section)

The 1996 Summer Olympics were held on the upper Ocoee River, and the Olympic run of the Ocoee River is now open to the public! Challenge your crew on this 5-mile world-class rafting trip which includes 10 consecutive Class III and Class IV rapids, including Calahan's Ledge, Let's Make a Deal and Humongous! By far, this is our most thrilling Ocoee River experience.

Full Day Ocoee Rafting Trips (lunch included)

Combine the upper and middle Ocoee River sections for a full day of adventure, including 6 hours on the water and more than 20 rapids. This all-day Ocoee rafting trip includes a riverside lunch. Olympic runs are limited, so book this exclusive rafting trip early!

You don't need whitewater rafting experience to enjoy the fun and excitement Ocoee River has to offer. All our whitewater rafting trips begin with an entertaining safety training course and every boat is guided by a trainied Ocoee River Rafting Guide who will keep you safe and ensure you have an amazing experience.

Outland Expeditions is a family-owned and family-friendly Ocoee River outfitter in Cleveland, Tennessee. We've been guiding whitewater rafting trips on the world-famous Ocoee River for more than 35 years.

Need A Place To Sleep?

Try one of our cabins, lodge or our bunkhouse or if you don't mind "roughing-it", then setup a tent in our tree lined campground, just a short stroll from our comfortably equipped bathhouse. Picnic facilities are available throughout our grounds.

More Ocoee River Adventures...

In addition to whitewater rafting, we offer rock climbing and rapelling, funyak and kayak clinics, riverboarding and more at our Ocoee Outpost located in Cleveland, Tennessee. We also offer hiking trips in the beautiful Smoky Mountain Cherokee National Forest.

How about horseback riding or a bird's eye view by plane? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll help you find it. There's always an adventure with Outland Expeditions!

Auburn's Outdoor Adventure Club whitewater rafting the ocoee with Outland Expeditions
Auburn's Outdoor Adventure Club Rafting the Ocoee River with Outland Expeditions.

Ocoee River Summer Camps

For family and friends, rafting the Ocoee River is downright fun. For youth groups, scout troops and even some business teams, it's also an amazing team-building activity.

Ocoee River rafting promotes emotional and spiritual rewards including;

  • The exhilaration of achievement
  • The thrill of learning something new
  • The relaxation of rigid schedules
  • Satisfaction of a job well done

While rafting the Ocoee River may not be for everyone - we think that it's perfect for most family and youth group members. In addition to both whitewater and calm water adventures, we offer trail hiking and there's often a game of volleyball or basketball going on at the outpost.

If you'd like to plan a summer camp for your group, let us know! We can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests and we'd love to help you, your family, church, or scout troop plan a summer excursion to remember.


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