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6 Benefits of Planning a River Rafting Trip for Your Next Family Vacation

Family vacations are difficult. We have such high expectations, but sometimes getting the family on the same page is like herding cats. And once we reach our destinations, this member wants to go shopping, this one wants to visit a museum, and that one wants to sit by the pool and relax.

River rafting is a different kind of family vacation. Here are six reasons to plan a river rafting trip for your next family vacation:

Develop Teamwork

River rafting has required teamwork since the first rubber river rafts were invented about 180 years ago. In the early 1840s, rubber rafts were used by U.S. soldiers to explore America’s rivers and waterways, as well as transport people and supplies around the young country.

In the present day, whitewater rafting is done primarily for recreational purposes. However, the requirement for teamwork still exists. Rafting on the Ocoee River requires communication from the guide to the rafters who then follow the guide’s instructions. The rafters must engage in cooperation and group decision-making to achieve a common goal. Whether this goal is steering the raft or just staying safe and enjoying the ride, your family is literally “all in the same boat.” These shared memories will remain with the family for a lifetime.

Improved Self-Esteem

Self-esteem comes from facing a challenge and overcoming it. There is no greater challenge than facing Class III and Class IV rapids on Ocoee River whitewater rafting trips. The sense of achievement from not only surviving, but also conquering an Ocoee Upper river rafting trip will build self-esteem for the whole family.


Overcoming these challenges by working together builds teamwork and self-esteem. The physical excitement of traversing a difficult-to-navigate terrain will also cause a rush of endorphins. This produces a sense of well-being and boosts mood. Nothing facilitates communication better than a happy family. Besides overcoming obstacles to communication by boosting everyone’s mood, your shared adventure on your Ocoee River rafting trip gives you something to talk about.

Spend Time Outdoors

No one is immune from one of the most common complaints on family vacations: family members spend more time with their screens than each other. River rafting trips force the family out of its comfort zone and into the outdoors. There, your family can experience wildlife, geology, and history directly and not just through a video online.

To improve your connection with nature, white water rafting gives your family the opportunity to engage in other outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, and hiking. Best of all, you might not get cell reception or wireless Internet while rafting the Ocoee River.

Good Exercise

Watching white water rafting might give you the impression that the river is doing all the work. Once you sit in the raft, you will soon find out that white water rafting is a good workout. You paddle throughout most of the trip and the current provides a good source of resistance. This works out your arms and shoulders. Moreover, maintaining your balance while paddling strengthens your core muscles of your abdomen and back.

Introduce a Sense of Adventure

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to introduce a sense of adventure. Like self esteem, a sense of adventure arises from experiencing danger, albeit controlled danger, and overcoming it. Not only will your kids remember that new, and possibly scary, experiences can be overcome, but you will also have an example to lean on when you are encouraging them to try something new.

White water rafting can make a unique family trip. When you’re ready to experience the benefits of river rafting, rely on Outland Expeditions for an adventure you’ll never forget.