Nature Lover Gift Guide

Whether you’re locking it down for friends or family, you must check out these great deals rounded up for the nature-lovers on your list, courtesy of our friends at Digg. You might even find something special for yourself. There’s always that brother who wants to hike the Appalachian Trail or a friend who wants to climb Everest. Show ‘em a little love. This nature lover gift guide also comes complete with an added tip for you, don’t forget to pretty-please borrow someone’s Amazon Prime account or take advantage of the company’s one-time free trial Prime offer to use exclusively for the holidays. Free, 2-day shipping? Yes. Check it out!
To find out more about a product or to make a purchase, click on the titles below —

Nocs Standard Issue 8×25 Waterproof Binoculars

What good is nature if you can’t see? Let your loved one get a closer look at that waterfall with this 8x magnification binocular set.

Hornet 2P Tent

This tent is great for your favorite couple who wants to sleep beneath the stars. It offers great privacy as well as reliable protection from the elements.

Pop-Up Fire Pit and Heat Shield Combo Kit

There is nothing like a warm campfire to set the mood, but good vibes will go fast if safety isn’t your first concern. This kit offers both. The fire pit is easily portable and much easier to isolate from wildlife nearby. It’s also worth throwing in a fire extinguisher just to be safe.

Beast 28L Packable Backpack

This hefty backpack is custom made for rugged terrain and rainy conditions. It’s also easily stored, as it collapses into a tiny bundle for simple compaction.

Gifts that Do Good

Also, if you’re so inclined, Outland Expeditions recommends anything from the National Wildlife Federation. Their products make great gifts for a great cause!
Another organization to check out for your nature lover is Nature Forever, whose mission is to involve citizens in the conservation movement of India. To achieve this, Nature Forever has launched initiatives that are simple with far-reaching conservation value for the future. As one of the most populous and polluted countries on the planet, India strives to reverse its climate damage and implement change through the small choices we make every day. You can help them out by purchasing an adopt-a-nest box or sparrow feeder.

We wish all of our Ocoee family a wonderful and relaxed holiday season. To our guides and their families, thank you for everything you do. To our loyal guests, thank you for entrusting Outland Expeditions with your river trip. We strive to deliver the best experiences and hope you’ve enjoyed our nature lover gift guide!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to 2020.
— Lamar Davis and Family

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