Rafting Essentials

1. Swimsuit

A long river trip means being wet all day. Fashion isn’t important here; you’ll want something practical that breathes and dries quickly. For men, we suggest board shorts and a rash guard, and for women, we suggest a rash guard on top and river shorts on bottom. Keep this in mind if you plan on visiting the bathroom at anytime! This will be much easier to manage than a one-piece.

2. Wet/Body Wipes

Bring these along if you want to wipe away a build-up of sunscreen and sweat. But remember, Outland offers showering facilities back at the outpost!

3. Hand Sanitizer

Although you can always wash-up in the river, bring along hand sanitizer to use before meals. It will help to eliminate any germs, with those containing 60% alcohol preferable. We also have hand sanitizer around the outpost.

4. Water Bottle

When you’re surrounded by water it can be easy to forget to hydrate; however, this is essential to having a fun time and maintaining your optimal performance level on the river. Consider a bottle with a carabiner for ease of access.

5. Quality Sandals

 Flip-flops just aren’t made for the river. They easily come off and don’t offer enough support to manage the rocky river shores. Bring along a good pair of sandals with a supportive strap and the ability to get wet. Safe shoes are crucial to navigating the shore and transferring safely in and out of the raft.

6. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential while being on the river. Select something with a grade that’s at least SPF 50+, and try to get a brand that’s waterproof and sweat-proof. Don’t forget to re-apply at appropriate intervals.

7. Polarized Sunglasses (with retainer strap)

Invest in polarized sunglasses that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, as the glare and reflection from the water can do serious damage. Polarized sunglasses contain special filters that block intense reflected light, helping to reduce glare and improve visibility. Make sure to bring a retainer strap to keep your sunglasses securely in place, as the rapids may toss you around. If you forgot either or both of these, we have them in our store!

8. Plastic Bags and Dry Clothes

Ziplock bags are an essential item for keeping your belongings safe and dry while on the river, even if they’re going to be in a larger dry bag. They’re also a good idea for creams and lotions that are prone to leaking, rapidly soiling everything in your pack! Also, bring a couple of trash bags where you can stash wet clothes along the way and keep them separate from your clean, dry, gear.

9. Other Items to Consider if Camping with Outland Expeditions, Inc…

Medications, hammocks, small pillow, headlamp, a good book, chapstick, playing cards, a musical instrument, stargazing guide, biodegradable camp soap, camp towel, fleece jacket, rain suit, hiking shoes, old glasses, and extra contact lenses.

DO NOT BRING for rafting

  • Expensive jewelry
  • Electronics (iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc…)
  • Expensive eyewear (new prescription glasses, designer shades, etc…)

We’ll have some items for-sale that you can buy to protect things like phones, etc.. but the risk is just not worth it. Remember that your things (and yourself) will be exposed to nature, so keep that in-mind. If you do choose to bring electronics like your smartphone or camera, make sure you have a dependable waterproof case to reduce the risk of damage. We find that our guests often over pack for the trip, so bring only the essentials and your sense of adventure. We’ll take care of the rest. And as always, YOU WILL GET WET!