River Talk Podcast For The Journey

Each year, we spend thousands of hours driving to our destinations, commuting to and from work, and doing mindless chores around the house. While you’re doing any of these tasks, take a listen to one of the podcasts below to get in the adventure-mood. Put together by Adventure Kayak Magazine, Outland guides love this list, as it keeps us up-to-date on the latest gear and fosters a sense of community within the guide-world.

In Between Swims Podcast

Known as the number one whitewater podcast, Jeff McIntyre plays on the old adage that all whitewater paddlers are the same, pro or amateur—that we are all just in between swims. From discussions of mortality in the paddling community to one-on-one interviews with the likes of Eric Jackson, if you are hard into the foamy H20, then this bit is for you.

The Kayak Mainline Podcast

If you are a dedicated sea kayaker that eats, sleeps and obsessively dreams and plans your life around big, open water adventures and have not heard of this duo then, Merry Christmas. David Johnston and Kelly Blades bring you the latest news and stories from the world of the sea kayaking with updates ranging from national symposiums to location-specific trip reports.

Julian Billet brings us stories of risk from all walks of life by way of in-depth personal interviews ranging from pro surfing photographers, polar explorers, and trans-Atlantic rowers.

Dirtbag Diaries

Long touted as the ultimate outdoor-related podcast, Fitz Cahall and his wife have been refining the art of auditory story telling for over 11 years. Now sponsored by Patagonia and other like-minded companies, these episodes will quickly make you laugh and make you cry; trust us, it’s just a matter of time.

Adventure Sports Podcast

From guides and long-time instructors to misfits and average enthusiasts, Jolandie Rust brings you stories from all over the world, from all different outdoor adventure activities. Whether you dream of micro-adventures or news-making expeditions, you will find like-minded stories from the A.S.P.

The Gear Fix Podcast

Gear junkies are a unique breed and the folks over at Gear Genius have moved from just writing in-depth reviews to recording them for your listening pleasure because they are gear junkies themselves.

The NOLS Podcast

Founded in 1965 by the legendary Paul Petzoldt, NOLS has been a world-leader in risk analysis, wilderness education programming and leadership development for the young and old, professionals and everyday folk. You will hear topics covered from cooking to dealing with risks in the outdoors.

The OUTSIDE Podcast

Outside magazine has hit the podcast airways by dropping their first series in coordination with the distributors of well-known This American Life and called it the “Science of Survival.” Topics in this initial series include dealing with hypothermia, lightning and scuba diving.

The Paul Kirtley Podcast

As an extension of his survival blog, Paul Kirtley takes you on a journey through the popularized world of bush craft and wilderness travel skills. The topics covered through casual conversations and expert interviews include urban foraging, source to sea river descents and adventuring by canoe.

The Stay Adventurous Podcast

Are you planning for a last minute summer jaunt or looking a year in advance to book your next adventure? Podcaster and travel blogger Craig Zabransky produces a monthly audio recap of destinations he has been and thoughts on where to travel in the future. He brings you stories, tips and hidden gems from tourism operators and local residents to get you off the actual beaten track and not just as a marketing ploy.

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