Caving in Tennessee

Did you know that there are over 10,000 caves in Tennessee? There are miles of extraordinary subterranean adventures just waiting for you to explore. Secondly, Tennessee has more caves than any other state in America, therefore making it the perfect place for an unforgettable underground experience. Come caving in Tennessee!

The majority of caves lie in the eastern two thirds of the state. Layers of limestone have developed from calcium deposits that used to sit on the bottoms of shallow oceans millions of years ago. Over time, rainwater and river flows have carved out breathtaking caverns.

There have been lots of historic remains and artifacts from Native Americans and early explorers have been found in Tennessee’s caves. Several of them offer family friendly tours where you can learn about the people who once lived there and the way they used the caves to survive. Surprisingly, some of these have been converted into music venues due to the historical significance combined with the superb natural acoustics.


Here are a few of our favorite caves to visit:

Craighead Caverns– home to the country’s largest underground lake, the Lost Sea. Peer into it’s depths from a glass bottom boat

Racoon Mountain Caverns– pan for gemstones

Ruby Falls– home to the largest underground waterfall in the US, day and night tours are available

Bell Witch Cavethrillingly haunted

The Caverns– location of wild underground concerts

Bunkum Cave– location where Cordell Hull’s father made moonshine in the 19th century

Those hot and humid Tennessee summers give locals and visitors alike the perfect excuse to climb underground and go caving in Tennessee. Lastly, you can cool of on the Ocoee River.

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