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After Rafting: Red Clay Resort

After rafting: Red Clay Resort is the next stop on Outland Expeditions’ list of activities to do after rafting. Exploring the top attractions in our area, we find Red Clay Resort, or, the cement pond, as it is often called. This property is a private, family-owned recreation facility located in Cohutta, GA, approximately one mile from the Tennessee state-line. The site offers a large, spring-fed swimming pool, restrooms, concession stand, outdoor picnic space. With plenty of play areas suitable for families and groups of all ages. Red Clay Resort has been open to the public since the mid-70s and continues to improve and expand its features almost yearly for the increased enjoyment of guests like you. In fact, if you visit Red Clay Resort before reserving your rafting trip with Outland Expeditions, mention the “pool discount” upon booking to receive a reduced tour price.

Once you finish rafting the Ocoee, you’ll be baking in the East Tennessee heat. A dip at Red Clay Resort is often the perfect way to cool off, as it offers some of the coolest fresh water around. No joke. Can you take the cold?!? Keeping with the Native American theme that traces the heritage of our surrounding land, Red Clay Resort is a natural stop after visiting the state park, as local folklore suggests the area was used by Cherokee Indians as a water source. Believing in its healing power, the Cherokee bathed their babies in the water before relocating during the 1838 Trail of Tears. It was this relocation that caused much of the marsh land to become overgrown. During the land’s renovation in the 60s, the ground was so wet that only snakes and wild vegetation inhabited it. As he worked to clear the land, pool founder Clifton Farmer found many Indian artifacts like arrowheads, grinding stones, and tools. Farmer eventually donated these items to Red Clay State Historic Park, and his pool became a summertime staple for families in Cohutta and the surrounding area.

Over the years, Red Clay Resort has maintained its family-friendly atmosphere. Anyone can delight in spending the day with loved ones, grilling, relaxing under the shade, or seeing who can make the biggest splash off the high dive. Today, Red Clay Resort is highly regarded as one of the best values for summertime fun and swimming enjoyment. This facility is well-maintained and frequently updated with new equipment and recreation features. The RCR staff look forward to seeing you and your friends at the pool this summer. Tell them Dakota sent you! Before you go check out their Facebook page for weather updates.

*No pets
*Admission- $8 Monday-Wednesday $9 Thursday-Sunday $10 All Holidays

*ADA accessible
*Private rental options available
*Grills and floats for rent
*Concession stand
*Volleyball court
*Picnic areas
*Open daily from 10am-6pm



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