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Things To Do After Rafting… Red Clay Historic Park

Red Clay State Historic Park

Our guests often request suggestions for activities to do after rafting class III and IV rapids on the Ocoee River. This post will be the first in an Outland Expedition blog series dedicated to exploring the top activities and attractions in our area.

Up first is Red Clay State Historic Park, a quick 25-minute drive from the outpost. As the last official seat of the Cherokee National Government, this park boasts 263 acres of natural beauty, offering streams, hiking trails, a large pavilion, charcoal grills, picnic tables, and open fields. Consider this visit an immersive experience, as you will get an authentic taste of Native American culture walking around Cherokee homes, gardens, council sites, and sacred landmarks, such as the beautiful and alluring Blue Hole Spring.

After exploring the grounds, cool off inside the visitor’s center that houses a museum full of Indian artifacts and a movie theater that projects an educational short film, explaining the significant role this land played in the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

We know this will be an enjoyable experience for all ages. There’s a special mystique surrounding this land, a feeling of peace and ancient wisdom. Come see for yourself!



*ADA accessible


*Water fountains

*Open daily; sunrise-sunset

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