Funyak the Ocoee River

A funyak, occasionally called a ducky, is an inflatable, self-bailing kayak that usually fits one or two people. Funyaks are shaped just like kayaks and move down the river in a similar way. They are often a favorite watercraft choice for people who are new to kayaking. This is because they are roomy and not enclosed, yet more stable and comfortable to sit in than a kayak. They are more forgiving and don’t require you to roll back up if you flip in the water. You don’t need any experience with kayaking to take a funyak out for a spin!

Great for Newbies

Aside from being a great option for novice rafters, funyaking provides people with the opportunity to experience the thrill of tackling rapids on their own. The sense of accomplishment and rush of adrenaline that follow a successful trip through a rapid are unbeatable. The Ocoee River is a great place to try funyaking as there are plenty of outfitters, clinics and group trips that rafters can use to try it out or improve their skills!

Get Closer to the Water

Funyaks also get you closer to the water. Traditional multi-person rafts are awesome, but the experience of sitting just a few inches above the river surface changes the whole game! While still following appropriate safety precautions, your funyak experience can be even more intense and satisfying than a traditional rafting one.

Always Practice Safety

We normally suggest, for your safety, that you don’t funyak or kayak alone. If you must go solo, be sure to tell someone about where you will be going and your anticipated itinerary. Hitting the river and the rapids with a buddy helps reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Having someone else along for the adventure can also improve your experience and give you someone to reminisce with after you make it back to shore and find a nice campfire to sit next to. So grab a friend and a funyak or two and go chase those rapids! If you are not up to fynyaking yet, you can always white water raft the middle Ocoee river with Outland Expeditions.

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