Outland Expeditions

What to Bring Ocoee Rafting

We’ll provide you with all the equipment (self-bailing raft, life jackets, helmets and paddles), but you’ll want to bring a few things of your own.

We suggest keeping personal items locked in your car and yes, we’ll be happy to hold your keys. Here’s a list of things we suggest bringing to make your stay and rafting experience most enjoyable.

Don't Forget!

  • Shoes (shoes that stay on your feet, NOT flip-flops)
  • Sunscreen SPF15 or better (any time of year)
  • Towels
  • Dry Clothes & Shoes

Warm Weather Rafting

Swim shorts and tops works best during warm weather trips, however cotton will keep you cool, so just about any type of shorts and a t-shirt should work just fine.

Cold Weather Rafting

Cotton does NOT work well in cold weather, you’ll be cold and miserable. Fleece, polyester or woolen tops, bottoms and socks will keep you warm even when you’re wet.

We do have spray jackets available for rent on rainy days.