Rafting in the Rain

Rafting in the Rain

What happens if it rains on your rafting trip? We say, HECK YES- the wetter the better! Rafting in the rain is not only safe, but can be super fun too as long as you are prepared for it. So, keep an eye on the weather as your rafting trip approaches and keep the tips and suggestions below in mind.

Appropriate Clothing

Rain typically means cooler temperatures, especially if it’s a Spring rain. Avoid wearing cotton clothing, including socks, that will only make you colder. Opt instead for synthetic materials and wool that can be layered and will keep you warm even when wet. You’ll want to carefully consider your choice of footwear too. Closed toed shoes and wool socks will help keep your feet warmer. We also have spray jackets available if you’d like an extra layer to ward off some of the water.

Positive Mindset

You get soaked going through rapids anyways, so embrace the extra water! Look for opportunities to see the river and its surroundings in a new light. Rainstorms can actually improve your overall experience as higher water levels mean larger rapids and a bit of a more challenging experience!

Safety is Our Priority

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we put your safety and the safety of our river guides first. Yes, we raft in the rain but we do so only when the river is deemed safe and lightning strikes are minimal and not near the river. Your guides have rafted the Ocoee rain and shine and are prepared to guide you through rainy conditions.

Think Ahead

It’s always a good idea to bring along a pair of dry clothing to change into after your rafting experience is over but it’s an especially good idea if you just rafted in the rain. Dry clothes will be an oh-so-sweet change of pace once you’re back at your cabin or driving home in your car.

Spirit of Adventure

Maybe by this point you’re thinking: “sign me up for a rainy day rafting trip!”. We applaud you, that kind of thinking and spirit for adventure is what we thrive on. And although we can’t make it rain on the day you book, do note down that April is usually our wettest month. Check out our river schedule to see current availability. See you on the river and let’s go rafting in the rain!


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Photo courtesy of Outland Expeditions, Inc.

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